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Roxanna Rodriguez
Pct.1 Justice of the Peace 

Office: (830) 483-5147
Fax: (830) 483-5111
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212 Center St.
CotullaTX 78014


Frank Weikel
Pct.2 Justice of the Peace

Office: (956) 948-5086
Fax: (956) 948-5085
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Physical Address: 602 Nopal St.
Encinal, Texas 78019

Trigo(1) George Trigo
Pct.3 Justice of the Peace

Office: (830) 879-4128
Fax: (830) 879-4443
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707 Buckley St.
Cotulla, TX 78014

coming soon Janie Megliorino
Pct.4 Justice of the Peace

Office: (830) 202-0096
Fax: (956) 373-4581
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PO BOX 476
Fowlerton, TX 78021

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Small Claims Court - Plaintiff
Small Claims Court - Defendant
Debt Claim - Defendant
Eviction Procedures - Plaintiff
Eviction Procedures - Defendant


 The following code of conduct and rules for the courts of La Salle County are applicable and enforced as per the Texas Government Code and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, and the constitutional, statutory and inherent powers of the courts to regulate proceedings before them and to provide for the orderly and efficient dispatch of litigation.

All persons entering courts in La Salle County are subject to the following code of conduct, including members of the public visiting the courtroom:

DRESS - All persons shall be appropriately attired for court proceedings. All persons entering the courtroom shall be dressed in clothing reasonably befitting the dignity and solemnity of court proceedings. Tank-tops, shorts, thongs, and clothing that is tattered or soiled are among those items of clothing not considered appropriate courtroom attire. No hats, caps or sunglasses shall be worn in the courtroom.

PROPERTY- No person shall bring packages, suitcases, boxes, backpacks, duffel bags, shopping bags or containers into the courtroom without the prior approval of the bailiff; and no person shall bring into the courtroom any radios, tape recorders, cameras, cellular telephones, pagers, or any other recording equipment unless the devices are turned off, or unless they are required for the court proceedings and prior approval has been given by the bailiff or the court.

TOBACCO - No tobacco products are to be used in the courtroom in any form, including chewing and smoking.

FOOD & DRINK - No gum chewing is allowed in the courtroom at any time. No bottles, beverage containers, paper cups, or any edible items are allowed in the courtroom, except as permitted by the court.

SEATING - No one may prop their feet on desks, tables, benches, chairs or other furnishings at any time in the courtroom.

NOISE - No talking or unnecessary noise which interferes with court proceedings is permitted in the courtroom.

COMMUNICATION - No one is permitted to express approval or disapproval of any testimony, statement, or transaction in the courtroom by any facial expression, shaking or nodding of the head, or by any other conduct or gesture; and no person shall be permitted to make any verbal or physical contact with a prisoner without the prior approval of the bailiff.

ETIQUETTE - All persons shall rise when summoned to do so by the bailiff when the judge or jury enter or leave the courtroom, and at any other times as the bailiff may direct.

The code of conduct for the courts of La Salle County and for the 81st and 218th Judicial District are enforced by the bailiff of the court, who is a peace officer of the state of Texas, and by the court itself.

Those who violate the code of conduct are subject to immediate removal from the court and may face prosecution.


1.- IN PERSON: If you wish to appear in person, please contact the court on your citation to ensure your case has been filed.

2.- BY MAIL: Complete the Mail Appearance Form on reverse side, along with a Money Order and copy of your citation to the Court indicated BEFORE the appearance date show. If you are requesting a DSC or requesting a Trial these requests must also be in writing or before your appearance date.

3.- BY PHONE: Please have your Drivers License and / or citation number ready.